Put together, Jeff Nickel and Dean Prater have over 70 years’ of playing experience.

When they met in 2003, each had an extensive performance history, but their joined abilities and interests have produced a special musical partnership that is stylistically, uniquely theirs.   Initially, the two created music together for the sheer enjoyment of playing, but as their collection of originals grew, and their catalogue of fresh takes on classics and current favorites evolved, demand developed and expanded for their music in a variety of contexts and events.

Since 2005, Jeff and Dean have provided their distinct musical flavors in widely diverse settings—from relaxing, ambient instrumental music for graduation parties, weddings, receptions, and holiday gatherings to  energetic, center-stage performances that showcase their complementary playing styles and vocal talent. Whatever the place or the occasion, their diverse musical textures and tastes provide a deep well from which they draw the perfect mix of songs for your next event

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